RECs : Advising Providers in All Phases of Electronic Health Record Implementation

The ONC’s Regional Extension Centers (RECs), located in every region of the country, serve as a support and resource center to assist providers in EHR implementation and HealthIT needs. As trusted advisors, RECs “bridge the technology gap” by helping providers navigate the EHR adoption process from vendor selection and workflow analysis to implementation and meaningful use.

Find Your Regional Extension Center

RECs at a Glance

  • As of July 2013,
    • Over 147,000 providers are currently enrolled with a Regional Extension Center. Of these, more than 124,000 are now live on an EHR and more than 70,000 have demonstrated Meaningful Use
    • 41% of PCPs nationwide are enrolled with an REC; 51% of rural PCPs are enrolled
    • 85% of REC-enrolled providers are live on an EHR vs. 62% live on an EHR in the general provider population
    • 872 CAHs/SRHs have been paid for MU (1,073 have attested)
  • RECs are part of eight working groups on emerging business lines in support of practice transformation including: privacy and security, accountable care organizations, patient centered medical home, health information exchange, and patient engagement.

West Texas Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center (WT-HITREC)

The West Texas Health IT Regional Extension Center (WTxHITREC), a program of the F. Marie Hall Institute for Rural and Community Health at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, focuses on the health information technology needs of health care providers and hospitals in West Texas.  The WTxHITREC serves as the federally designated Regional Extension Center for the 108 most-western counties of Texas.


  • Meaningful Use Support
  • Functional Interoperability and Health Information Exchange Support
  • Privacy and Security Best Practices Education and Resources
  • Accountable Care Organization Education and Support
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home Education and Support
  • ICD-10 Transformation
  • Joint Commission Education and Support
  • Workforce Development
  • Par for Performance Education and Support
  • Quality Coaching Education and Support
  • Bridges to Excellence Education and Support
  • Additional Incentive Education and Acquisition
  • National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Education and Support


  • Assisted over 933 physicians in West Texas, with a 64% success rate of Meaningful Use attestation ( as of November 11, 2013)
  • Serviced over 1200 Total Providers since the programs inception.
  • Assisted over 56 critical access and rural hospitals in West Texas, with a 57% success rate of Meaningful Use attestation.
  • Helped bring over $11 million incentive dollars to health care providers in West Texas
  • Helping more than 69% of FQHCs in West Texas
  • Recently contracted with THSA to assist providers in West Texas in connecting to a HISP and sending DIRECT protocol secure email messages.
  • Currently under contract with HHSC to help connect providers and re-align the West Texas White Space by creating a Board of Advisors tasked with selecting the appropriate solution for the region.

Connect with WT-HITREC: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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